Empire Maxi Dress

Instruction Update: Skirt 
* If you will be gathering the narrow skirt band piece, you will need to CUT 2 of the pattern pieces, and then proceed with the following steps. If you are not gathering, CUT 1 of the pattern piece and skip steps 9 and 10. 

8. With RIGHT sides together, stitch the narrow skirt band at the sides to form a circle. Press seams open. 

9. Sew a double row of basting stitches within the 1/2” seam allowance of one long edge of the narrow skirt band. Pull the bobbin threads until you achieve a fullness that will allow the side seams of the band to match at the side seams of one of the main skirt panels.  

10. Repeat step 9 for the other half of the skirt. 

Fabric Requirement Update: Band Contrast / Bottom Ruffle 

1 1/2 yards for all sizes. 

These corrections have been made for all future printings.